Sekoeko e-shop shopping is secure, convenient and easy!

1. Familiarize yourself with our goods.

2. Choose the required.

3. When I push the button decided to add to cart.

4. On the right side of the page to view your shopping basket and pushing on it, you can view, edit and design your purchase.

5. If you are a registered customer shopping is easier. By registering, you have the option to save your data, that the next time will make shopping faster and easier.

6. Pressing the button buy, we receive your order, as well as to you to the email address you sent the invoice.

7. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your order and make you the most convenient delivery time.

8. The Bill will set out our bank account number to which you want to transfer your selected amount of the item specified on the invoice.

9. Billing period is 3 days.

10. Product delivery after receipt of the invoice is due. The delivery time is from 1 to 7 business days, depending on the availability of goods in stock. In some cases, the delivery may be delayed longer.


All prices are inclusive of value added tax. The delivery costs are not included in the price.

Free delivery in Valmiera, Cesis and Sigulda, with transport, SekoEko the rest of the territory of Latvia on the delivery charge Omniva post terminal-EUR 2.50, to postal station post terminal-3.00 EUR, with courier-6.00 € 5.00 EUR, by mail. Free shipping above € 70.00 purchases nationwide. Free shipping on Omniva and Pasta Stacija in Latvia post terminal purchase over 40.00 €.

If the order weight is above the 30kg, may be subject to additional shipping charges above with you communicating.

Free order receiving shops "SekoEko"-Valmiera, Rigas Street 37.




Registered Users:

If you shop as a registered user and you for some reason need to stop shopping, then next time logging in as the user you chose for the product will be gone from the basket and you will be able to continue shopping.

If the User forgets the password, then select the section "my account" subsection of the "forgot password".

How to get SekoEko the permanent customer card?

Shopping the SekoEko shop in Valmiera, Rigas Street and/or e-shop , about 70 EUR in one or more purchases, get the SekoEko permanent customer card.

In the future, always show your card before you purchase and receive 5% discount *.

To get discount e-shop, make sure you are registered as a client, or if you are already our client, established before ordering "log-in" e-shop with your e-mail and password. (discount is assigned automatically, it is deducted on the invoice you receive on email)

* discounts are not cumulative: the special items will force the share price without the extra 5% discount