Eye Anti-Wrinkle Cream with hyaluronic acid

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Ultra light rejuvenating anti-wrinkle cream, removes darkening around the eyes.

t is extremely light rejuvenating cream, designed specifically for the delicate eye area skin with hyaluronic acid, vitamins E, A, provitamin B5, and organic oils. The cream is quickly absorbed, removes darkening and leaves the skin around the eyes moistened, light, and refreshened.

Rose hidrosol is used in the production of the cream instead of water. Rose hydrosol is characterized by its regenerating effect.

✓ smoothes the skin and reduces the number and the depth of wrinkles around the eyes;
✓ killing sun induced premature photoaging signs;
✓ moisturizes, tones, and tightens the eyelid skin because of components, promoting collagen and elastin production in the skin;
✓ smoothes the skin color and texture.

How to use?
Lubricate clean, free of make-up skin. Apply very carefully to avoid excessive strain of the skin. For the best effect you must use every day in the morning and evening.

Recommended age 
Cosmetics depend on the age and skin type.
• It is recommended to use moisturizing and toning products up to 30 years old. Cosmetic flower water, suitable for your skin type can be used instead of eye cream.
• Eye cream Saflora will fit for people from 30 years old, or when the first signs of premature aging appear.
• More intensive skin fostering is recommended from 40 years old; additionaly apply Anti-Wrinkle Oil Saflora.

Ingredients: water, vegetable glycerin*, jojoba oil*, avocado oil*, emulsifying waxes*, castor oil*, soybean oil, provitamin B5, aloe vera gel, vitamin E*, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, vitamin A, hyaluronic acid, aroma*, lactic acid, vitamin C.

* organic ingredients