Field horsetail stalks tea

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Field horsetail stalks tea (AT inflammation of the kidneys DO NOT USE horsetail!)
(Herba equiseti)
Ingredients: 100% horsetail stalks (speedwell).

Used for: It has astringent, haemostatic and diuretic features. Internally used for infection of the lungs (tuberculosis) and the treatment of urinary tract illness.

Externally used for baths and compresses, at difficult healing wounds and sores, inflammation of the throat and for mouth rinsing,   nose bleeds.

Usage instructions:  4 tsp. horsetails on 2 cups boiling water (the dose for 2 days), drink a small sip.

External infusion: A topical form of infusion, one tablespoon to 1 glass of water, boils for 30 minutes

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