Hair Oil, strengthens hair and prevents its loss

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It will make your hair healthy, soft, and malleable. An excellent remedy for dandruff.

Hair care oil is made exclusively from organic unrefined oil and it is enriched with vitamin E. In its mixture there is legendary black cumin oil, which is famous for its ability to protect the hair from premature graying.

Regular use of the oils
✓ reduces hair loss;
✓ gives the hair softness, elasticity and a healthy gloss;
✓ removes dandruff;
✓ makes hair easier to control and comb.

How to use?
The oil is used before washing the hair with shampoo. Apply on dry hair. The scalp must be massaged for a few minutes with oil, and then the head must be wraped with film or towel, kept for 30-40 minutes and washed with water and shampoo.

Ingredients: sweet almond oil*, castor oil*, black cumin oil*, aroma*, vitamin E.

* organic ingredients