HO - FI Health Drink

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Water solution of chlorophyll of natrium received from needles of a fur-tree European (Picea abies Karst.), is realized under the trading mark "HO-FI" and possesses all properties set forth above. As nutriceutical "HO - FI" regenerates number of blood leukocytes, stabilizes   blood cell membranes, controls the process of ferrous and potassium metabolism. The product shows bacteriostatic, regenerative and deodorant properties.

Water solution of chlorophyll of natrium "HO-FI" has received popularity not only in Latvia but also abroad. In Latvia "HO-FI" is registered as food supplement in the Center of Food and Veterinary Service of the Latvian Republic (Food and Veterinary Service of Ministry of Agriculture) on 10.11.2006 under the registration number 485/06-UB.

To ensure human organism with the necessary content of chlorophyll (20-30 mg), doctors recommend daily use of at least 50-100 g of fresh green stuff. It is a well-known world practice to compensate a lack of fresh green stuff in the food of aperson by regular application of the various food additives containing derivatives of chlorophyll. 
The regular use of specimens of chlorophyll ensures the recovery of the body, strengthening of immune system, the output of harmful substances, stabilizing the balance of fluid in the body. Chlorophyll specimens quickly improve blood structure; render toning up and deodorizing (removes bad breath) effect. Doctors recommend application of specimens of a chlorophyll at stomach disease (a stomach ulcer, gastritis’s), a pancreas (pancreatitis), at an anemia, for flu preventive maintenance, for removing a hangover syndrome. Water solutions of chlorophyll disinfect and heal wounds, treat bedsores, are recommended in face packs with restoring effect. In the case of external application of preparations of chlorophyll they show the expressed properties to reactivate tissues at treatment of wounds, burns, bedsores. They possess bactericidal properties, prevent inflammation processes, and will neutralize toxins. 

Recommended daily allowance: 50 ml (approximately 5 table spoons)

Remember that the food supplement does not replace a full and balanced diet.