Polyprenols (50 capsules)

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Polyprenols is one of the polyisoprenoids naturally occurring in plants. These are non-saturated polyisoprenoid alcoholsextracted from SPRUCE needles.


Used as an ingredient in food production, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, and other industries.

Polyprenols are metabolised to dolichols and dolichol phosphates in liver. Malfunctioning of dolichol phosphates cycle is observed in ageing processes and in cases of various pathologies and metabolism disorders.

In recent years the ability of polyprenols to increase the muscle and heart strength and to reduce the side effects caused by statins has been studied actively.

There is a fast growing interest in the world on physiology and pathology of dolichyl phosphate cycle (DPC) and compounds related to it, i.e. dolichols and polyprenols. In the case of hypertension, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cancer, chronic alcoholism, impotence and other diseases action of DPC is disturbed and that results in decreasing of dolichols amount. This could be prevented using exogenous polyprenols.

Pharmacotherapeutic action of polyprenols on experimental patterns of widespread diseases (multiple sclerosis, chronic pancreatitis, post-vaccional allergic encephalomielite, antiseptic wounds etc.) has investigated.

Harmlessness of polyprenols has been proved by pre-clinical investigations made according to Latvian standards. On the basis of polyprenols specific toxicity tests has been revealed that polyprenols does not show teratogenic, embryotoxic, mutagenous, cancerogenic as well as allergenic and immunotoxic effects. They do not act harmfully on the functions of endocrine system.

In Latvia polyprenols are registered as additive for health food. The polyprenols (C55 - C95) from coniferous tree foliage (pine and spruce) are obtained by original technology, elaborated in Joint Stock Company "Biolat".

Use: This food supplement is an additional source of polyprenols. Use 1–10 mg (capsules) a day.

Ingredients: Polyprenols from spruce needles, vitamin A, vitamin E, soy oil, gelatine, glycerine

Remember that the food supplement does not replace a full and balanced diet.